About the choir

Repertoire should inspire and entertain. Classical music is like time-travelling, taking us back to the era, and into the mind, of the composer. It is good for a classical choir to sing music in other styles if it benefits the programme, and if it's fun.

People sing for enjoyment, but singing is more enjoyable when we fulfil our potential. We strive to sing the notes well but singing with conviction is the most important thing.

Work hard and then go to the pub, as socialising is as important as the music.

LCC was started by Matthew Watts in September 2018 and has performed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Regent’s Park bandstand, and to sold-out audiences in Primrose Hill. The choir has also hosted a popular series of workshops on sight-singing and vocal technique.

Joining us

LCC is a friendly choir and you will be made very welcome. The musical director helps everyone to improve their pitching, vocal technique and ability to read music, and more experienced singers may be given solos. Although it is better to join us at the start of term you can try us out at any point. Contact us to register.

There are between six and nine rehearsals per term, depending on the length of the term, taking place roughly every ten to fourteen days on a combination of Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings (see What’s On). Once you have joined us you will be asked for your availability. Rehearsal dates are scheduled for the evenings when most people are free.

The musical director will meet you after a rehearsal in order to answer any questions you may have. He will also check your range, and ask you to sing a song (see below) - a good opportunity to spot any potential soloists and to give you some feedback. If you have sung with a choir before, or are looking to gain experience and have a nice voice, then you should be eligible to join us.

YOUR SONG can be in any style, but should suit your vocal range (a high song for sopranos and tenors, a low one for altos and basses). If the song is accompanied then please bring a spare copy of the piano part. If you are not sure what to sing then a verse of a hymn or Amazing Grace would be fine.


DROP-IN - £10 cash on the door, students £5.
If you would like to try us out, or can’t make every rehearsal, you are welcome to come along whenever you can. If you would like to sing in performances then more regular attendance is a good idea. No admittance without payment.

PAYING TERMLY - if you pay for the remaining rehearsals of term in advance then each session costs only £7, students £4.
Payment can be made in cash, by cheque (payable to “Matthew Watts”), or by bank transfer (contact Matthew). This reduced price is not available the last two rehearsals of term.